Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Deerhunter - Washington DC, 12 October 2010

Yet another amazing band with an Australian show coming up. I haven't had a chance to listen to Monomania yet, but I've got a ticket to the show based on the strength of Microcastle/Weird Era Continued and Halcyon Digest, which are both phenomenal.

This is a show from early in the Halcyon Digest and features Basement Scene which they don't seem to play often. The sound is really really good, even if it sounds like there aren't any crowd mics. I've listened to this quite a bit and I'd strongly recommend it for anyone going to Deerhunter's show or wondering if they should.

Basement Scene
Desire Lines
Hazel St
Never Stops
Rainwater Cassette Exchange
Don't Cry
Memory Boy
Little Kids
Fountain Stairs
Nothing Ever Happened
He Would Have Laughed

Spring Hall Convert
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