Sunday, 10 March 2013

Neil Young Ticket

The reason I haven't posted much lately is I've had a bit of a family emergency. I'll be resuming posting next weeks, but in the meantime I'll be forced to be out of Melbourne for the Neil Young concert at Rod Laver Arena on Friday. That means I have one A reserve standing ticket to get rid of. It cost me nearly $170. If you're interested email me an offer (I'm thinking about half price, but yes "I can't afford anything but I'd like it" is an offer). Make sure to include an address, as I'll put it in the mail on Tuesday morning (I'll overnight it so it should be with you on Wednesday).

Really gutted I'm missing this, but hopefully someone else can go and have a fun night.


  1. That sucks man. Hopefully everything turns out ok for you.

  2. Thanks. Still trying to get rid of the ticket if you're interested. I can't believe nobody wants to go see Neil Young.

  3. I'm interested but to be honest I have no money to offer you for it. And I would rather a fan get it than me who's more interested to head along purely to record.