Monday, 11 March 2013

Paul Kelly & Neil Finn - A Day on the Green, 2 March 2013

As promised a few shows coming up. The sound for this one isn't perfect as I ended seating close to the speaker stack, plus there was a lot of talking. Despite that, this series of shows has been pretty outstanding and I'm not aware of any other recordings floating around. I've got one of the Palais shows to put up soon. If you went to this show get it, but if you just want the best quality recording of any show, wait for the Palais show, which is longer and better audio quality (although not perfect).

Don’t Stand So Close to the Window
Four Seasons in One Day
Before Too Long
She Will Have Her Way
Message to My Girl
Leaps and Bounds
Won’t Give In
New Found Year
Into Temptation
You Can Put Your Shoes Under My Bed
From St. Kilda to King’s Cross
Private Universe
One Step Ahead
Dumb Things
Deeper Water
I Got You
Better Be Home Soon
How to Make Gravy
Distant Sun

Love is the Law
Fall At Your Feet
To Her Door
Don’t Dream It’s Over
Words of Love

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