Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Paul Kelly & Neil Finn - 4 March 2013, The Palais

This was the second show of the tour I attended and it was definitely worthwhile. For a start, I think the show works much better in a theatre (parts of it were clearly designed specifically for that, such as the start where the lights are off and they come out and play the first song with lanterns (doesn't work well in the day)). They also played for half an hour longer than at A Day on the Green, and had a better crowd.

The show itself is really great. They play a lot of songs, and mix it up - a particular highlight are the songs written by the other that they sing themselves (Into Temptation for Kelly and You Can Put Your Shoes Under My Bed for Finn), but they also contribute to various parts of each others songs for the whole night. This also has the benefit of (at least for me) forcing you to listen more intently to songs you're very familiar with. For instance, I realised just what a great song Into Temptation is. With back catalogues like these guys have there will always be songs that don't get played, but it'd be unfair to complain when they play for 2 and a half hours.

Soundwise, the crowd is very respectful, but I ended up seated right in front of the speaker stack, which meant things were louder than expected and I get a bit of distortion in the recording. It's mainly noticeable during the loud songs and towards the end of the show when the volumes are turned up. Having said that, it doesn't ruin the recording, and until the audio from their Sydney webcast is available this is (to the best of my knowledge) the best quality recording of one of their shows available (update: apparently one of the other Palais shows is available on dimeadozen. I haven't listened to it, so can't comment on the quality).

Don't Stand So Close to the Window
Four Seasons in One Day
Before Too Long
She Will Have Her Way
For the Ages
Not the Girl You Think You Are
Leaps and Bounds
Won't Give In
Only Talking Sense
From St Kilda to King's Cross
Into Temptation
You Can Put Your Shoes Under My Bed
Start Today Again
Private Universe
One Step Ahead
Dumb Things
Deeper Water
I Got You
How to Make Gravy
Distant Sun

Winter Coat
Fall At Your Feet
To Her Door
Don't Dream It's Over

Love is the Law
Message to My Girl
Words of Love 


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