Friday, 22 March 2013

Okkervil River - NPR 2007

Another one from the US's National Public Radio. This isn't the best Okkervil River performance (Will Sheff comments that most of the band are sick, and his voice isn't always good). On the other hand Okkervil River is a great band, and this is from the tour for (in my opinion) their best album: The Stage Names.

A King and a Queen
It Ends with a Fall
No Key, No Plan
The Latest Toughs
A Girl in Port
Song of Our So-Called Friend
Plus Ones
A Hand to Take Hold of the Scene
Unless It's Kicks
Our Life is Not a Movie, Or Maybe
For Real
John Allyn Smith Sails

A Stone
Okkervil River Song
Westfall [for the definitive live version of this check out their Overboard & Down EP, which also includes a bunch of other great tracks]

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