Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Of Monsters & Men - 20 July 2012, The Corner Hotel

Of Monsters & Men seem to be the band lots of people are picking as the next big thing. Usually thats the kiss of death for a young band, but these guys seem pretty comfortable and relaxed, and while they can't quite deliver the goods yet, they gave every sign that they will be able to in the future.

The hipsters were out in force for this one, with lots of iphones being held aloft to ensure a steady supply of shaky video with awful sound for youtube. For a band of the stature of Of Monsters & Men at a venue like the Corner its pretty hard to do a light show, but the christmas lights that came on halfway through the first song were really nice, and helped to set the right atmosphere.

Its hard to have much variation in the setlist when you only have one album, and this set was identical to most of the other setlists floating round the internet.  The band were very warm and engaged the crowd in a handful of singalongs, not something most new bands can do, and even fewer can do it successfully, but they pulled it off. 

The encore was a bit more interesting, although the new song Beneath the Bed was affected by some bad noise problems.

These guys seemed like a band on the rise, and have certainly benefited from a pretty constant series of shows.  Hopefully they can back it up for the tough sophmore album.

Dirty Paws
From Finner
Slow and Steady
Mountain Sound
Your Bones
Love Love Love
King and Lionheart
Little Talks
Six Weeks

Beneath My Bed
Yellow Light


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