Saturday, 21 July 2012

Arj Barker - 14 July 2012, Plenary Hall

I don't usually bother recording comedy shows and the like, but since I was there and had my recorder I figured I might as well. Arj Barker is a pretty well known comedian here (he made fun of how often he tours Australia), so I won't talk too much about him.  The set itself was fairly funny, although I wouldn't necessarily want to pay to see him perform for much longer.

The sound for this is OK, but (as for the Flight of the Conchords set) the dynamic range is a real bitch.  Not only is it huge, but rather than being quiet songs followed by loud clapping (like at an acoustic show) its talking broken by laughing at the end of the joke, which means the dynamic range is huge for small portions of the show.  If that makes no sense to you don't worry, I just want you to know I worked hard on this.

I initially had a go at rating this as I would for a normal show, but since this is quite a different beast it didn't really seem to fit so I didn't bother.  Lastly, since there aren't any songs I've broken it up into roughly five minute chunks of consistent material (so there isn't a break in the middle of a joke).

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