Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Mark Lanegan - 6 July 2012, Ding Dong Lounge

I'm a bit of a Screaming Trees fan from back in the day, but when Mark Lanegan played here early this year I couldn't justify spending $80 to see him.  So when a solo show to reopen the 300 person capacity Ding Dong Lounge was announced for just $50 I jumped at it.

My only worry with this show was that in my experience acoustic shows from normally non-acoustic performers are often great for the hardcore fan, but a bit of a bore for the casual fan.  This show didn't fall into that trap, in part because the star of any Mark Lanegan show will be his voice, and the acoustic setting only helped that.  On the negative side, the crowd was a bit weird.  Early on people in the crowd simply shhhh-ed the talkers, but eventually they gave up.  Because its fairly constant I found it easy enough to ignore when listening to this.  There is one exception to this - the woman (I got the impression she was a very past it groupie) who talked incredibly loudly.  Fortunately her comments are so stupid they actually add a bit of humour to the show.

Lastly, I noticed on a relisten that the set is very slightly different to that on the setlist.  This means that the labels for Phantasmagoria Blues and Gray Goes Black need to be swapped (the order below is correct).  I couldn't be bothered sorting it out myself.

When Your Number Isn't Up
One Way Street
No Easy Action/Miracle
Don't Forget Me
Where the Twain Shall Meet
Gravedigger's Song
Gray Goes Black
Phantasmagoria Blues
St Louis Elegy
The River Rise
One Hundred Days
Hit the City
On Jesus' Program

Field Song
Wild Flowers
Halo of Ashes

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