Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Josh Ritter - 11 July 2012, The Corner Hotel

I remember thinking early in Simone Felice's set that this was in some ways a perfect show - two artists who I didn't really know well when their show was announced, but who I'd now buy tickets for on the day they were released.

Of the two artists I know a bit more about Josh Ritter, and I'd say that delving into his catalogue I'm now a real fan (for those unfamiliar either Animal Years or The Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter are both great).  There was bit of surprise in the blogosphere when Ritter was announced as the opener, as quite a few people thought he was the bigger act.  This was reinforced a bit by the large and passionate crowd that arrived early to see him.  Ritter was clearly warmed by the reception and the respectful attitude of the crowd (talking was minimal).

The set itself managed to mix hits with new material, including an outtake that must surely be destined for his next album.  With only an hour to play there were always going to be a limit to the number of songs that could be played, but that was about the only criticism that could be made (and he mentioned that he planned to return with his band for a full tour early next year).

The quality of this recording is excellent.  A little bit of crowd noise, but not much considering this was an acoustic show.  Girl in the War was played unamplified at the edge of the stage, so I had to crank the volume up for it to be easily audible.  That introduced a bit of hum, but was unavoidable. 

I really can't recommend this show enough (and Simone Felice's set was just as good!).

Monster Ballads
Good Man
Folk Bloodbath
The Temptation of Adam
Rattling Locks
Naked as a Window
Girl in the War [unamplified at edge of stage]
Snow is Gone

Change of Time [how many shows have you been to where the opener plays an encore? although I think the crowd would have torn the place apart if he hadn't come back, we were literally desperate to hear more]

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