Wednesday, 31 December 2014

War on Drugs - The HiFi, 11 December 2014

Final post of 2014 had to be the War on Drugs. This was the first show announced, so it was at a smaller venue than the others and seemed to have more of the hardcore fans in attendance. The performance of the band was a lot better than the first show, as was the sound. Granduciel seemed to be enjoying himself a lot as well, even throwing in a Bill Fay cover that wasn't on the setlist (nitpicking: I would have preferred to hear one of the Bob Dylan covers they played at a couple of other shows on the tour).

Unfortunately, things went a little down hill for the encore. Quite a few people in the crowd started to leave, so the audience was a bit thinner by the time the band returned. Granduciel asked for requests and people yelled various things, presumably he didn't hear anything he wanted to play so suggested Comin' Through which was on the setlist, but someone booed, which annoyed him and they didn't play it. I think the boo was just because it wasn't the song the person had yelled for, but it didn't go down well. They played a few songs, but after Brothers (which was the last song on the setlist), Granduciel said thanks, threw his guitar down on the amp and walked off.

It was a bit of a disappointing end to a great show, but the set is still very worth listening to, and the sound quality is really good.

In Reverse
An Ocean in Between the Waves
Arms Like Boulders
Under the Pressure
Baby Missiles
I Hear You Calling
Buenos Aires Beach
Red Eyes
Eyes to the Wind
Lost in the Dream

The Animator
Come to the City
Black Water Falls

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