Monday, 1 December 2014

Manchester Orchestra - Corner Hotel, 13 November 2014

Unfortunately my old recorder has been havingsome problems, so I've had to replace it. This was the first show with the new unit, and although it's not quite as convenient as the last one, the sound quality is better and it has some features that should prevent some of the bad recordings I got in the past.

Manchester Orchestra put on a pretty good triple bill with Kevin Devine and local band Apes (I'll put those sets up soon). The show itself was slightly odd. The set was amazing and the band seemed to be enjoying it. But they totally lost the crowd for the encore. It probably hurt that they didn't really play any 'hits' and the songs with Kevin Devine were pretty slow. People ended up just leaving, and those that stayed started talking a lot, which comes through in the recording. This is still a good set, but the encore stops me from recommending it more strongly.

Top Notch
Shake It Out
Every Stone
The Ocean
100 Dollars
I Can Barely Breathe
I've Got Friends
Colly Strings
Everything to Nothing
Simple Math
I Can Feel a Hot One

Wolves at Night
You're a Mirror I Cannot Avoid
Pyotr (aborted)
Where Have You Been?
The Fresh Prince of Bel Air!JQNyXYDY!_4WjicRmMV4bkAIpPO0pAA

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