Friday, 26 December 2014

War on Drugs - 170 Russell, 8 December 2014

So happy to see these guys return (as they noted, for the third year in a row), and that their new album has seen their popularity go through the roof. Although there were clearly quite a few newer fans, they were all into the music (unlike lots of other shows where people seem more interested in talking through the show). The setlist obviously leant pretty heavily on Lost in the Dream material, but their first two albums (both of which are great) were represented.

As usual the band was incredibly loud, but the new recorder does a good job of adjusting, so the sound is pretty good. There are a couple of guys nearby that talk a bit, and some girls that really really want to hear suffering, but they aren't so loud or obnoxious that it undermines the recording. Of the two shows I went to, I'd say the show at the HiFi was the better, but this is still a really good show from a great band.

Arms Like Boulders
Under the Pressure
In Reverse
An Ocean In Between the Waves
The Animator
Come to the City
Buenos Aires Beach
Red Eyes
Eyes to the Wind

Baby Missiles
Lost in the Dream
Your Love is Calling My Name
Black Water Falls!8ANSBQRC!XD6cTaMD6nzlNq7t6iChCA

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