Thursday, 25 July 2013

Josh Ritter - New York, 6 March 2013

At Josh Ritter's co-headlining show with Simone Felice he promised to return next year (i.e. this year) with his full band. Any promise like that made on stage (including 'we'll see you again soon') is effectively a legally enforcable contract, so I'm becoming increasingly worried that Ritter might be in a bit of trouble, because his current touring schedule isn't leaving him a hell of a lot of time to fulfill that promise.

Until he does finally make it down here again, here's a set he did for NPR radio just a few months ago. The set focuses on his newest album The Beast in Its Tracks. While it isn't as immediatley accessible as say The Animal Years, it really rewards repeat listens.!9RVVyQDb!Eu_BAEr_uGJvkfcVfrbjxQ

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