Friday, 12 July 2013

Atlas Sound - Bedroom Databank Vols 1 - 4

Time for some mid-month free album madness! Or something. This time, rather than a full album or a couple of EPs, you get four full length albums. Atlas Sound is the name used by Deerhunter's Bradford Cox for his solo releases. These are various recordings that Cox made in his bedroom in 2010. He's stated that Atlas Sound is an outlet for his work that doesn't fit with Deerhunter, so don't expect this to sound anything like their work.

The albums all contain a mix of gems and diversions. The volumes don't seem to have any thematic link, so it's hard to recommend one over any of the others. If I had to I'd say that Volume 1 is the one I listen to most, but if you only want one albums worth, I'd suggest downloading them all and then deleting the material you don't like.

[Update: now with added links!]

Bedroom Databank Volune 1
Bedroom Databank Volune 2
Bedroom Databank Volune 3
Bedroom Databank Volune 4

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