Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Ben Ottewell - Worker's Club, 30 June 2013

Gomez are one of those bands that I wasn't a big fan of but figured I should see once. Having gone to their show last year, I now know that they're fantastic live, and have lots more songs that I know than I'd thought. So when Ben Ottewell (the one with the amazing voice) announcned a show I figured I'd go along.

Shows at the Worker's Club seem to attract some weird people who I don't normally see at shows. They seem more keen on talking and being seen than actually paying attention to the show. The recording picks up a bit of this, but I managed to move close to the front, where there seemed to be more fans and things were a bit quieter.

The show itself has got some mixed reviews, but I was impressed. The songs he played from his solo album (including one from the album he's working on) fitted in well, and didn't seem like Gomez rejects. The set was padded out with a few judiciously chosen covers that worked well. He made the mistake of mentioning at the start of the first encore that because there isn't any backstage he didn't really have anywhere to go at the end of the set. The crowd realised that this meant he couldn't leave without walking through everyone, so most people just stood there clapping at the end of the show, figuring he wouldn't have a choice but to play another encore. Sure enough, he came out and played a Steve Earle cover.

The sound of this is really good, like a mentioned, there's a bit of talking, plus the sound at the venue wasn't great (although he explains at one point that the sound guy is a ringin because the normal guy fell of a fence). Nonetheless, this is one I've listened to quite a few times, whereas most shows I record only get one or two listens.


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