Sunday, 2 June 2013

The National - 20 June 2007, Washington DC

The National, are playing Splendour and said they'll be back in November and in 2014 to headline an (unnamed) festival. Given that, Australians are going to be hearing a lot of these guys, so its a good idea of find out what you're in for.

This show is from way back in 2007 when they were touring Boxer. It's a really nice show focussing on material from their last two albums (I really like their debut, but they don't seem to play anything off it anymore). Obviously their more recent shows will feature less of this material but this is a good start until I put up some more recent stuff. My only worry is that, outside of the studio, Matt Berninger seems to struggle to nail the more agressive songs (listen to Squalor Victoria or Mr November to get an idea of what I mean). I read somewhere that he's just stopped smoking and it's had a beneficial effect on his voice, so maybe this has improved.

Start a War
Mistaken for Strangers
Slow Show
Secret Meeting
Baby, We'll Be Fine
Lit Up
Racing Like a Pro
Squalor Victoria
Apartment Story
Daughters of the Soho Riot
Fake Empire
Mr November

Green Gloves
About Today

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