Saturday, 29 June 2013

Handsome Furs - 22 September 2006, Vancouver Comedy Festival

I've arrived at Handsome Furs via Divine Fits. Having listened to a bit of Handsome Furs it certainly helps to see Divine Fits as a fusion of Britt Daniel and Dan Boeckner's previous work. Sound Kapital is a pretty good record, but the absolute knockout is Plague Park (I'll point out that, even though I've linked these to Amazon, I got Sound Kapital from Real Groovy on a visit to New Zealand (who ship to Australia I think) and Plague Park from Dixons Recycled (who are worth a visit regardless because they have some cheap stuff (when I was there they had Okkervil River's Overboard and Down for $4!!!) The Amazon prices are cheaper than anything I'm aware of, but some folks, like Dixons Recycled, don't list their stock online). I've been listening to it pretty much constantly since getting it. For that reason I've been trying to track down some live Handsome Furs to see how these songs sound live. Unfortunately, it's proved pretty tough. The only thing I've got so far is this - four tracks from before they'd even released an album (and the reason they're playing a comedy festival is a complete mystery to me). On the positive side, this is a soundboard recording (like some soundboards, it doesn't really capture the audience, so is a bit lifeless, but still...). If I find something better I'll post it, but until then, this is the best/only Handsome Furs I could find.

Hearts of Iron
Snakes on the Ladder
Cannot Get Started
Dumb Animals!NQMSgB7L!Dj_-oU3Ze40RcFiIbb6Ciw

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