Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Jeff Mangum - Auckland, 4 February 2001

It's nearly time for the lineup for my personal favourite Australian festival (probably worth noting that I've only been to three Australian festivals). So far the only act that will definitely be playing is the reformed Neutral Milk Hotel. Given they weren't around for long and weren't that popular while they were around there aren't that many good recordings of them. This is actually Jeff Mangum playing solo in Auckland (until his recent solo tour this was his last full performance). He plays a nice mix of songs, including a couple of covers and some rarer NMH material. Mangum played the set at the request of Chrix Knox, who makes an appearance on their barely listenable cover of Mother. Soundwise, this sounds like a soundboard recording, although I can't be certain. Regardless, the quality is great.

I'll be trying to find a good quality NMH set to put up (maybe something from the shows they're playing before coming to Australia), but in the meantime this is a good start, and probably something lots of people will be keen to listen to regardless of the NMH reformation.


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