Friday, 21 June 2013

Best Coast - 31 January 2011, Washington DC

I'm picking these guys for a return visit for the Harvest Festival. I recorded their Falls Festival sideshow at the start of the year. It was an alright show, but everything starts to sound the same after a while. They'd probably be more entertaining playing a festival set, so Harvest could be good.

This is from a show broadcast on NPR a couple of years ago, prior to the release of their second album. Similarly to their set here, this starts to sound the same after a while, but it has lots of their good songs from their first album.

Bratty B
Summer Mood
Crazy for You
The End
Make You Mine
Sunny Adventure
Far Away
Fist City
Wish He Was You
I Want To
When I'm With You
When the Sun Don't Shine
That's the Way Boys Are
Our Deal
When You Wake Up
Sun Was High (So Was I)
Something in the Way!kEsTAQgL!EcLPgiIHeTRlfSYhdFEy_A

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