Thursday, 4 October 2012

Smashing Pumpkins - 2 August 2012, HiSense Arena

Various recordings of this show have already been released, so I assume most people who want this already have it. Nonetheless, I figure I might as well put it out there since I recorded it (I also recorded Wolfmother’s opening set, which doesn’t seem to have been released by whoever recorded the main set).

This show was a real example of the power of expectations. I’d checked out some of the setlists from earlier in the tour, so I knew that they were going to open with the entirety of the new album. I’d also heard the various stories about what a complete tool Billy Corgan can be (a friend who saw them last tour told me that the encore of the show he went to consisted of Corgan demanding the crowd sing him happy birthday; and then do it again; and then left). So my expectations were pretty low.

As expected the show started with the Oceania album. Some reviews I read said the crowd were pretty restless, but where I was people were surprisingly respectful (not enthusiastic though). That could be because the Oceania album is actually pretty decent. It won’t go down as a highpoint of his career, and the show would have been better if he’d played less of it, but it isn’t a complete dud either. Having said that, the biggest cheer of the night was probably when the crowd realised he was playing Space Oddity, meaning Oceania was done.

From that point the crowd were much more enthusiastic as he churned through the hits (with a two rarities thrown in for the diehards). I mainly went to this because I figured Billy Corgan is someone I should see once (this is not the Smashing Pumpkins), but the show was actually better than that.

The Celestials
Violet Rays
My Love is Winter
One Diamond, One Heart
Pale Horse
The Chimmera
Space Oddity
Tonight, Tonight
Bullet with Butterfly Wings
Soot and Stars

Ava Adore
Cherub Rock


  1. Nice, thank you for sharing! Any plans to release a lossless version?

  2. The recordings are all made in WAV, and then converted to MP3 as I process them. That means it isn't easy to provide a lossless version (I could process them in a way that makes it easier, but it would add time and people hardly ever care).
    So the bottom line is, no, but if you want I can make the unprocesed WAV recording available to anyone who wants to process it.