Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Kate Miller-Heidke - 16 August 2012, The Corner

Middle-aged women you are my kryptonite. If kryptonite was really noisy, a bit overweight, had a bad sense of humour, and rather than killing Superman, just really annoyed him. Apparently whatever radio station they play where middle-aged women work has played a few Kate Miller-Heidke songs, so my middle-aged foes figured they might as well go along, have a bit of a natter (middle-aged women don’t talk), and get drunk on Chardonnay and G&Ts.  Then scream when the one song they knew started. Then go back to nattering. Aaah yes, this is hate.

But I digress. Kate Miller-Heidke is music your mum would like, but you shouldn’t hold that against her, because she’s actually very good. It’s just that your mum went to the show, and as everyone knows, your mum is really annoying. Most of the set was made up of the new album Nightflight, which is good, because the album has a bunch of great tracks. Her cover of Eminem’s The Real Slim Shady felt a bit gimmicky, but the segue into Kanye West’s Monster (that phrase would make the ladies titter) worked better, and highlighted the power of her band.

Having spent an excessive part of this bitching about middle-aged ladies, its fair to say that their drone doesn’t come through on the recording as much as it did at the show, since they were standing behind me. I’m not sure if it was just their lack of interest, or it applied to the whole crowd, but there also seemed to be a degree of apathy among the audience. None of this stopped Kate Miller-Heidke from putting on a really good, professional show, but it might hinder your enjoyment of the show.


  1. number 25 has a problem can it be uploaded again thanks Jane

  2. Thanks for telling me. Mediafire has been doing a few weird things of late. I'll update the post when it'd been replaced.

  3. I've deleted the original and reuploaded it. Try it again, hopefully it'll work this time.