Friday, 26 October 2012

Stephen Malkmus - 3 October 2012, The Corner

At some point during Stephen Malkmus’ set I remember thinking that he could be much bigger if he wanted to (all he’d need to do is make sure Pavement songs filled half the set, and play a more focussed set). But a fundamental part of the success he has had (including with Pavement) is because he wouldn’t do that (deep huh?).

Anyway, the point of that is that he doesn’t play a lot of Pavement songs, and he doesn’t play a focussed set. Instead, he frequently talks in a ‘funny’ voice, plays a lot of new material, and a few not even released yet songs. Like I said, to ask for anything else is probably asking for him to be someone else, but it does mean that he played more for his enjoyment than the crowds. The most exciting point came at the end of the encore when he played a cover of Dragon’s Are You Old Enough?, followed by Summer Babe. It might be churlish to wish that the whole set was as good as that, but there it is.

The sound on this is pretty good. Malkmus frequently addressed the crowd while wandering round, or stepping away from the mic, so I’ve tried to crank the volume up at those points to make it audible, but sometimes its just too faint to work.

Brain Gallop
All Over Gently
Dark Wave
Flower Children
Asking Price
Stick Figures in Love
Forever 28
Blind Imagination
Houston Ladies
Long Hard Book

Jenny and the Ess-Dog
Speak, See, Remember
Are You Old Enough?
Summer Babe


  1. Hey cheers for recording this! I was there, it was a great show and a nice surprise to finish with summer babe! When will you be putting it up, I'd love to hear it again!

  2. Not much interest in it if you're the first person to notice I'd forgotten to put the link up. It's done now. Enjoy!