Sunday, 23 September 2012

Neil Young - Time Fades Away


[I'm in Vietnam at the moment (which is why posts have been infrequent) so I'm trying to use blogspot in Vietnamese, so any weirdness in this post is probably due to that]

This is very hard to find Neil Young record from 1973. Usually 'hard to find' is synonymous with 'not very good', but that isn't the case here.  While this record isn't for those who are only fans of Harvest, that can be said for most of the rest of Young's career. Instead, this album is very much in the vein of Tonight's the Night. In fact, this is musically and chronologically the missing link between those two albums.

To provide some background: after the massive success of Harvest Young embarked on a huge tour to support the album. Like many artists before and after this lead to a fair amount of disillusionment, as well as some exhaustion and vocal problems. As well as material he had released to that point, Young played a number of new songs on the tour, and these are what feature on this album. So, while it's a live album, it's not one in the traditional form.

Until around 10 years ago this album was one of the Neil Young's 'missing' albums, that had never been released on CD. However, about 10 years ago all of those missing albums were finally remastered and rereleased; except for Time Fades Away (check out On the Beach if you want to hear an album that is arguably his best ever, but not well known, at least in part because of the delayed release on CD). I don't understand enough to explain the details, but apparently the master tapes for Time Fades Away were recorded in a manner that was seen as cutting edge, but is now very hard to work with. So for those worrying about the fact that this is an official release, it is one that is only available on vintage vinyl, at very high prices, and even then only after significant searching. So for those who can't be bothered with that, here it is for download.

Time Fades Away
Journey Through the Past
Yonder Stands the Sinner
Love in Mind
Don't Be Denied
The Bridge
Last Dance

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