Monday, 3 September 2012

Lanie Lane - 25 July 2012

The Jack White show has been up for a while, but as well as recording that
show I caught the opening act - Lanie Lane. She was presumably selected to open
because she's signed to White's label and has had him produce a couple of tracks.
That's worth noting because although there has been a pretty consistent country
thread running through White's music, it isn't one that most of his fans (particularly
the more casual ones, would have focused on). That meant that Lanie Lane's set really
failed to capture the interest of most of those who were there. It didn't really help
that here attempts at banter were (possibly consciously) a bit embarrassing.
Nonetheless, there were a few good songs in the set including No Sound,and a cover of
the Black Keys' Gold on the Ceiling. However, the rest of the set was mediocre. She clearly
has a gimmick that she thinks either believes in or thinks she can build a club-show career
on, but it doesn't really do much for me.

Jungle Man
Like Me Meaner
Betty Baby
Gold on the Ceiling
My Man
No Sound
What Do I Do?
Don't Cry
Oh Well, That's What You Get for Falling in Love with a Cowboy
Bang Bang
Ain't Hungry

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