Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Wilco - NPR Tiny Desk Concert

Well, as I promised here is Wilco's Tiny Desk Concert from NPR.  Given the space constraints this is a mainly acoustic set, so the versions are different to others around (although only slightly, there isn't anything like the acoustic version of Spiders here).  I'll also (hopefully) post the video for this, which is worth watching just to see Glenn Kotche's miniature percussion set (check the picture).

Update: not sure what the problem is, but whenever I try to upload the video to mediafire it fails (something to do with not receiving a download.php file????).  If anyone knows what the cause of this is (and ideally how to stop it) that'd be great because its stopping me putting up some stuff.
Dawned on Me
Whole Love
Born Alone
War on War


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