Sunday, 9 February 2014

The War on Drugs - Northcote Social Club, 28 December 2013

SHUT UP! How hard is it to go to a show and watch it? Rather than talk about random crap through it ruining it for everyone else. And why would you think that's a good idea? If you want to go out and have a few drinks and talk to a friend, that's great, but why waste money on going to see a band that you're going to treat as extremely loud background music?

I haven't put this one up because there was a stupid girl and her stupid friend talking stupidly loudly right next to me. I'm pretty sure you're allowed to taser people who talk at concerts right? Anyway, this was an exciting show because it was the first time they had played songs from the new album live. On one hand a new album is a little bit sad because it means they drop a bunch of great songs off their regular set, but the new material sounded really good (the only song I didn't like straightaway has grown on me with a few more listens). Lastly, as the new album hasn't been released yet I've had to guess what the new songs are simply based on the released tracklist, so it's possible I'm wrong about some.

Under the Pressure
Baby Missiles
I Was There
Red Eyes
Best Night
Eyes to the Wind
The Animator
Come to the City
Comin' Through
Arms Like Boulders

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