Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Milk Carton Kids - Newport Folk Festival, 26 July 2013

Milk Carton Kids' show at the St Kilda Memo was a highlight of last year. Love Police put up a post about them a few months back that made me think they might be getting ready for a return visit, but there hasn't been any news since then so maybe not.

This show is from the famous Newport Folk Festival just a couple of months after their Australian shows. As usual for these guys, the between song banter is at least as good as the music (although anyone that saw the Australian shows will notice that there are some standard jokes that regularly make an appearance). As a bonus I've also tacked on the portion of their set at the Thornbury Theatre that was broadcast by ABC, as well as their Tiny Desk Concert set (where you get an explanation of the Kenneth's handkerchief).

Hope of a Lifetime
The Ash & Clay
Honey, Honey
Girls, Gather 'Round
New York
I Still Want a Little More

Hope of a Lifetime [Thornbury Theatre]
The Ash & Clay [Thornbury Theatre]
Memphis [Thornbury Theatre]

Michigan [Tiny Desk Concert]
Stealing Romance [Tiny Desk Concert]
I Still Want a Little More [Tiny Desk Concert]!kBMDHSjD!bZueFVPzMT9qdLdvIzFDwQ

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