Monday, 18 November 2013

Arcade Fire - Capitol Records, 28 October 2013

I've got a few recent shows that I'll try to put up quickly, rather than do my normal thing of putting them aside until I get round to it. This one is two Arcade Fire sets from a couple of weeks ago. First up is a promotional show at Captiol Records; the other is their show a few days later at Neil Young's Bridge School Benefit. Both shows lean heavily on their new material, which initially sounds quite different to their previous recods, but with repeated listens starts to make more sense in their canon.

Flashbulb Eyes
Supersymmetry [with Perfect Day intro and Satellite of Love outro]
It's Never Over (Oh Orpheus)
We Exist
You Already Know
Normal Person
Here Comes the Night Time

Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)

The Suburbs [Bridge Benefit]
Reflektor [Bridge Benefit]
Awful Sound (Oh Eurydice) [Bridge Benefit]
Normal Person [Bridge Benefit]
I Dreamed a Neil Young Song (w/ Neil Young) [Bridge Benefit]
Wake Up [Bridge Benefit]!IAV10LIS!eF5fAWVzwW0J7oazNiOdUg

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