Friday, 27 September 2013

The Strokes - Reading Festival 2011

There were so many rumours that these guys were about to be announced that I figured I should have this ready. Looks like those rumours were just that. Either way, this is a pretty decent set from a couple of years back. Unfortunately, Just What I Needed with Jarvis Cocker isn't as good on record as it is on paper. The rest of the set is good though (I should mention that the sound, while good, isn't quite up to the standard of most of the other soundboards I've put up).

Is This It
New York City Cops
Under Cover of Darkness
The Modern Age
Machu Picchu
Life is Simple in the Moonlight
You Only Live Once
You're So Right
What Ever Happened?
Alone, Together
Just What I Needed (w/ Jarvis Cocker)
Last Nite

Hard to Explain
Take It Or Leave It!JBMEDTCT!SIBManiq24sPlIFmIr5wdQ

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