Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Pearl Jam - Xmas Singles

I was kinda hoping that the rumours that Pearl Jam were going to headline Big Day Out weren't true, since I'd much rather see them play their own shows. Now I'm hoping that since this is the start of the tour for their new album they will (for the first time ever) make two trips through Australia for this album.

Given they release every show they play there isn't much that is hard to get anymore (they also allow shows that are no longer available to be freely traded - check out the links section for sites that have their previous Australian shows for download). Every year Pearl Jam put out a vinyl single to their fan club. The quality of the material varies enormously, but some of it is outstanding (their only number one was originally an Xmas single). This is a collection of all the singles released to date (nothing was released in 1994, so they released a double single in 1995).

I'll try to add the new singles as they're released, but if this isn't up to date in the future just drop me a line. Lastly, for anyone who is easily offended by nasty words, probably best to skip Ramblings Pt 3.

[Update: I've added the 2013 single. If you want everything then click the link at the bottom of the page. If you only want the new songs click on each of them below]

Let Me Sleep
Sonic Reducer
Ramblings Pt 2
Ramblings Pt 3
History Never Repears (w/ Tim and Neil Finn) [Live]
Sonic Reducer (w/ Joey Ramone) [Live]
Swallow My Pride (Green River) [Live]
My Way (Eddie Vedder and Terry Presley) [Live]
Olympic Platinum
Smile [Live]
Happy When I'm Crying
Live for Today [1997 was a split single with REM, so this isn't by Pearl Jam]
Soldier of Love [Live]
Last Kis
Strangest Tribe
Crown of Thorns [Live]
Can't Help Falling in Love [Live]
Last Soldier [Live]
Indifference (w/ Ben Harper) [Live]
Gimme Some Truth [Live]
I Just Wanna Have Something to Do (Jeff Ament)
Don't Believe in Christmas
Sleepless Nights (w/ Beck) [Live]
Reach Down (w/ Chris Cornell) [Live]
I Believe in Miracles [Live]
Someday at Christmas
Betterman [Molo Session]
Little Sister (w/ Robert Plant) [Live]
Gone [Demo]
Love, Reign O'er Me
Rockin' in the Free World (w/ Bono and The Edge) [Live]
Santa God
Jingle Bells [Instrumental]
Santa Cruz
The Golden State (Eddie Vedder and Corin Tucker)
Turning Mist
Hawaii '78 [Live] [Pretty sure this is with Israel Kamakawiwo'ole, but I can't confirm it]
No Jeremy [Live]
Falling Down [Live]
Better Things
Devil Doll (X and Eddie Vedder)
All Night [Live]
In the Moonlight (w/ Josh Homme) [Live]
99 Problems (w/ Jay-Z) [Live]
Shattered (w/ Jeanne Triplehorn) [Live]!lVEBwR4S!foMoRh5RdxtEnGsMbLE4Vg

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