Monday, 16 September 2013

Japandroids - Corner Hotel, 28 August 2013

I've been waiting for a loooong time to see these guys do a headline set. Their show earlier in the year at Laneway was pretty good, but these guys are better suited to a club. Unfortunately, the time taken to get to Australia meant these shows were at the very end of their Celebration Rock tour and, as they admitted at the shows, their voices are a bit fried. It can't have helped that they were playing consecutive nights in Perth, Adelaide and Melbourne.

Putting all that aside, the show itself was still pretty great. At times the strain on their voices really shows through, but hell, they still played almost all of both their albums, plus a couple of non-album tracks. Having had a day off, their show on the 30th was a bit better (plus it was a Friday night with a crowd who were more into it), but this was still a good show.

Adrenaline Nightshift
The Boys Are Leaving Town
Fire's Highway
Art Czars
The Night of Wine and Roses
Rockers East Vancouver
Younger Us
Wet Hair
Evil's Sway
Heart Sweats
Continuous Thunder
I Quit Girls
Young Hearts Spark Fire
The House That Heaven Built
To Hell with Good Intentions
For the Love of Ivy!1Z9kSKbC!M_s-RTCbuEB0aAdeG7iCBg

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