Monday, 26 August 2013

Wavves - Corner Hotel, 27 July 2013

The recording for the last show I went to didn't turn out very well (fortunately, it got broadcast so there is (an edited) version of it). For this show I turned the sound way down and it seemed to produce a pretty decent recording.

The crowd for this half of the show was quite different to the Unknown Mortal Orchestra half - a lot younger and a lot more rowdy. There was a lot of crowd surfing from the start, and the mike stand gets knocked down early on, hence a bit of the distortion you hear. Overall though the sound is pretty good. The set is, as all Wavves shows are, pretty short, and features more King of the Beach songs than Afraid of Heights ones. This was a good show, but I think I prefer their 2012 show a bit more.

Super Soaker
King of the Beach
Demon to Lean On
Afraid of Heights
Post Acid
Friends Were Gone
Linus Spacehead
Beat Me Up
Sail to the Sun
Green Eyes
No Hope Kids!NVlmTQbQ!ZaT0g3ADiOcWVkanL8Dm0A

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