Thursday, 1 August 2013

Jason Isbell - 29 August 2012, Mountain Stage

Jason Isbell's a pretty regular visitor to this part of the world, but he seems to mostly tour as an opening act for someone else. He's got a new album so hopefully we'll get a tour with a full band sometime soon. To whet your appetite here's a short set from around the release of his last album Here We Rest (winner of many awards and receiver of many plaudits, but most importantly, one of the 12 albums on my list of Best Albums I Got in 2012).

The only downside to this recording is that they bleep out his use of the highly offensive and morally corrupting 'ass'. Because if the kids heard someone use that they'd be straight on the road to hell. It ruins the song for me a bit, but the rest of the set is great.!EBNXHJ7b!R6ykRkVMbEkY6EQlGRcv2A

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