Friday, 18 January 2013

Bleeding Knees Club - 2 January 2012, The HiFi

It annoys me that the HiFi is about the only venue in Melbourne that doesn’t put up set times for their shows (they did briefly, but don’t seem to do it anymore, and when they did the times were inevitably wrong). The only upside is that I usually turn up incredibly early out of fear of missing the main act and end up catching the opening band. In this case it was Bleeding Knees Club, who, if I’d known they were opening, would have turned up for anyway.

The band do the ‘obnoxious surf punk’ think pretty well (although its pretty stupid to get annoyed that the crowd isn’t excited for you – you’re the opening band, no one is there to see you, you have to win the crowd over). Their set was pretty enjoyable, and they have a few good songs. The main problem with them is that after a while their songs all start to sound the same. It wouldn’t take much to add a couple of slightly slower songs or that have a different beat, but it’d make them a much more interesting band.

The quality of this recording is really good, no obtrusive talking and the band sounds pretty good, particularly considering the small and only moderately interested crowd.

Who Are You
Nothing to Do
Camp Out
‘Song 5’ [I don’t know what this song is called, when I tracked this I just listed the songs and figured out titles later, this was the only one I couldn’t find. If anyone knows can you leave a comment]
Problem Child
Have Fun
Beach Slut
Parent Trap
Can You Remember
Teenage Girls
Bad Guys

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