Monday, 13 August 2012

Flight of the Conchords

I've already mentioned that this recording was quite hard to process, which is why its taken so long.  Sorry about that, but hopefully the wait will be worth it because this was a great show (in my top three for the year). Unfortunately a lot is conveyed by some subtle facial expressions (and some not so subtle things such as the outfits worn for Devil Woman (see above)) which obviously doesn't come through on the recording. Nonetheless, the songs all work here, and the banter is still pretty great (as is to be expected a lot of it stays the same between shows, at least based on reviews of the other shows).

I imagine everyone knows who these guys are, but just in case - they're essentially a folk comedy duo. But like lots of great niche acts, that description greatly undersells them. Part of the reason is that their act stands up on either ground - the comedy is good enough on its own, as are the songs. They've had a cult UK radio show, and a similarly cultish US TV show, which form the basis for most of the material here. Having said that, a handful of new songs also make an appearance, suggesting another album may not be too far off (it'll be interesting to see how that works in the absence of the broader radio/TV setting that has helped the earlier work).

Crowd noise here is pretty enevitable as the laughs are fairly non-stop (despite the humour being pretty dry). Having said that, its part of the show (unlike the normal jabber) and doesn't often make it hard to hear whats going on. This is a great show.

Too Many Dicks (on the Dancefloor) (with Arj Barker)
The Most Beautiful Girl in the Room
Fuck on the Ceiling
Think About It
Hurt Feelings
Bus Driver's Song
The Summer of 1353
Inner City Pressure
Song for Epileptic Dogs
I'm Not Crying
Rhymnosaurus vs Hiphopopotamus
Carol Brown
Business Time
Devil Woman

Back on the Road
We're Both in Love with a Sexy Lady
Sugalumps (with Arj Barker)

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