Saturday, 26 April 2014

Where to start...

When I started doing this I wanted some way of rating shows to give people an idea of whether they were worth downloading. I ended up giving everything a rating from 0 to 10. But really that's a pretty crap system - nothing gets a rating of less than 7, the ratings change over time (some of the early shows were rated particularly harshly), and it probably doesn't mean a hell of a lot to people. So from now on I won't be rating things. If I think it's a really good recording I'll give it a 'Highly Recommended' label (basically this will mean I think it's worth listening to if you weren't there/aren't a crazy fan that will listen to anything). I've already gone back and done this for all the old shows.

That will also help anyone that turns up here and doesn't know where to start. They might also want to check out the soundboard recordings, so I've added links to both of those in a new box up on the right.

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