Sunday, 30 December 2012

Pearl Jam - Soundboard Remasters Series

There's a bit of a feast or famine thing with Pearl Jam, in that since 2000 they've released official soundboard recordings of virtually every show they've played, but prior to that it can be tough to get decent quality recordings. To make life easier the folks over at We Got Shit have remastered what they consider to be the 14 essential pre-2000 soundboards. The two key questions are whether these are great shows and whether the quality is decent. So far I've only listened to the Rotterdam '93 recording, since the early days are usually the hardest shows to find in good quality. I've got to say that the sound is stunning. This is absolutely perfect quality. If the remaining recordings are on a par (and I'm now planning on getting them all) this series will be a major boon for Pearl Jam fans that want the key recordings from each period, but not every single show. With regards to performance quality my favourite shows (Atlanta '94, Berlin '96, Melbourne '98 are there) so that's promising. Overall, this looks like being a must-have for Pearl Jam fans.

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