Thursday, 6 December 2012

Emmylou Harris - 10 November 2012, The Palais

It feels like this show happened a long time ago, but I guess its only been a few weeks. The intervening period has been packed with shows, and I figured this would be one that only a handful of people would be interested in – hence the delay.

I usually check out the setlists being played to get an idea of what to expect and Emmylou Harris had been playing a greatest hits set of late, which suited me fine. But she changed it back to promote her ‘latest’ album (which is actually quite old now). Although lots of folks seem to like it, I can’t say I’m a fan. In particular, while heartfelt, Darlin’ Kate makes me cringe.

Nonetheless, there were plenty of hits, and some of the non-hits, in particular Bright Morning Stars, were great. Despite that, this show just didn’t really satisfy. I was actually surprised when it ended because everything seemed so low key. The show wasn’t bad, it was just flat.

The sound is pretty good. The usual occasional talking (not really intrusive) and a guy near me who kept yelling ‘WOOAAAAAHHH’ like he thought she was a horse he wanted to slow.

My Songbird
Six White Cadillacs
Orphan Girl
Making Believe
Hello Stranger
Hickory Wind
Green Pastures
My Name is Emmett Till
Get Up John
Red Dirt Girl
Two More Bottles of Wine
Luxury Liner
Prayer in Open D
Darlin’ Kate
Every Grain of Sand
All My Tears
Bright Morning Stars
The Ship on His Arm
The Pearl
Together Again
Born to Run

Old Five and Dimers Like Me
Pancho and Lefty

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