Thursday, 24 May 2012

St Vincent -

I've mentioned before (in the Manchester Orchestra review) that something about the HiFi seems to attract people that, how to say this, dicks.  Although the crowd at this show were generally really good, there are a handful of people that seem pretty intent on competing with the band to be the centre of attention.  Fortunately, they were far enough away from me that they don't feature too much in the recording for this one.

Prior to this show I'd listened to Marry Me lots, but Strange Mercy only a few times.  Having listened to Strange Mercy a few more times I think this show suffers from the same flaws as that album (partly because most of the album got played).  While Strange Mercy is an interesting album, and the musicians are all very good, its very sterile and emotionless.  This show was a bit like that, highlighted all the more by the moments (like the new track Krokodil) that really crackled with excitement.  Having said all this, I know that lots of people really love Strange Mercy, so hopefully they'll enjoy this set a lot too.  The sound for this is pretty good again, so if you attended and/or love Strange Mercy this should be worthwhile.

(If you're wondering what the picture is about I was looking for a poster for this show and this picture came up)

Save Me From What I Want
Black Rainbow
Champagne Year
Neutered Fruit
Strange Mercy
She Is Beyond
Northern Lights
Year of the Tiger

The Party
Your Lips Are Red

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