Monday, 6 February 2012

The Bronx - Sidney Myer Music Bowl, 1 February 2012

On the good news front, I seem to have found a way to get my computer to work, on the bad news front, its only by disabling a bunch of stuff.  So ultimately I think I'm going to take it in for some potentially expensive repairs.  Before that I'm hoping to be able to schedule a bunch of posts so things continue to happen here while I'm computerless. First up - The Bronx.

I hadn't seen these guys before, and didn't know that much about them going in, but I think they played the perfect openers role - good music, enthusiastic, pumping the crowd up, but in the knowledge that hardly anyone was actually there to see them.  Having said all that the whole experience was somewhat undermined by how awful the sound was (I've been told this is pretty standard for the venue).  I considered not bothering with this one because of the sound, but the set is actually pretty good, and I suspect there aren't too many recordings of them floating around.

Rape Zombie
White Tar
Talking 1
Shitty Future
False Alarm
Talking 2
Strobe Light Life (note: the track will still be incorrectly named when you download)
White Guilt
Talking 3
Around the Horn
Heart Attack Americans
History's Stranglers


  1. Fuckin' yeah! Love The Bronx. Really glad someone recorded this because I couldn't afford the show. But, seeing them in San Diego in a few months so that will be awesome. looking forward to the soundgarden set too. I saw them at BDO and it was fantastic.
    For the record the track is called Strobe Life not Strobe Light.
    As for other recordings of them there aren't too many out there. I've recorded them 3 times myself (and their alter ego's Mariachi El Bronx 3 times as well) but other than that and a moshcam video of Sydney and Hi-Fi live series from Brisbane I'm not sure of anything else out there.

  2. Yeah, like I said, I was impressed by them, and they certainly had a few fans there (one guy had to get taken away to be stiched up). Unfortunately the sound for the whole night was rubbish, so the recordings isn't all it could be, although it captures what it sounded like from where I was.
    Unfortunately my recorder got whacked at the start of Soundgarden's set, so I missed from then to when I checked it (about the first 40 minutes). So I only have a recording from Pretty Noose onwards. I'm hoping somebody else there taped it (they may also have been luckier soundwise as some people said the sound was ok for them). If not I'll put up my partial recording next week or so.