Sunday, 15 January 2012

Elton John - 7 December 2011, Rod Laver Arena

Not too much to say about this one.  I imagine Elton John isn't somebody most people who view this blog are interested in, but he has made some great music and I wanted to see him once in my lifetime.  The show was a bit weird, it seemed aimed at middle aged folk who don't go to see music often - lots of awkward theatrics and acting as if this was the most enjoyable show of his life.  The backdrops were also really really poor - as if someone had been mucking round with windows screensavers.  The good thing is that (obviously) none of that is captured by the recordin, which means that listening back to it I actually thought the show was better than I did when I was there.  A final note - the listed playing time was really long (3.5 hours I think), so I was worried about running out of space. To avoid this I reduced the recording quality.  This is sometimes noticeable when he talk to the crowd, but, although you can hear it if you try, it doesn't really affect the songs, which is the main thing.

Saturday Night's Alright
I'm Still Standing
Madman Across the Water
Holiday Inn
Tiny Dancer
Philadelphia Freedom
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
Candle in the Wind
Rocket Man
I Guess Thats Why They Call it the Blues
Hey Ahab
Gone to Shiloh
Monkey Suit
Honky Cat
Sad Songs Say So Much
Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word
Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me
Take Me to the Pilot
Bennie and the Jets
The Bitch is Back
Crocodile Rock

Your Song

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