Saturday, 21 January 2012

Classic Bootlegs - Pearl Jam Pinkpop '92

Looks like there is a clear preference for Pearl Jam in the classic bootlegs poll, so I thought I'd upload a few in addition to the Atlanta '94 show.  This is a pre-Vs show in front of the biggest crowd they'd played to that date.  As a festival set its fairly short, but everthing is a gem. There is also a pro-shot video of this, which is worth the download simply for Eddie climbing onto the camera boom and insisting they swing him out over the crowd for stage dive, followed by the crowd attempting to tear him apart.  The show is followed by an interview.  Normally things like that are pretty boring but there are a few gems in this.  My favourite:

Interviewer: Now Eddie, your name is 'Vedder' it sounds very Dutch.

EV: Yeah, I think it was, it was um, it was from ah, ohhh, Denmark, yeah it is, uh, Dutch.

Interviewer: Its almost Holland, but its a different country Denmark.
EV: Yeah but, it doesn't matter, ah uh, because uh the people in Holland have been so good to us really its like family, especially places like Utrecht, and people at the Tivoli, uh guy named Eric and all those people there, its like family y'know.

I'm not sure but I'm guessing that maybe all those people that have treated you like family might think the difference between Denmark and Holland is kind of important.

Why Go
Suggestion/Pulled Up/Rockin' in the Free World

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