Friday, 13 June 2014

Yo La Tengo - Corner Hotel, 9 March 2014

Another show I thought I'd posted, but apparently not. Yo La Tengo returned after their Melbourne Festival exclusive for a full tour, again playing their acoustic/electric set. Being old, I wasn't super excited about standing for that long. But they played a good set, although it was pretty late by the time they were done.The recording quality is decent, but not outstanding.

From Black to Blue
Is That Enough
Fog Over Frisco
I'm On My Way
The Point of It
Cornelia and Jane
I'll Be Around
Tom Courtney

Stupid Things
We're an American Band
Double Dare
Paddle Forward
Autumn Sweater
Before We Run
Nothing to Hide
I Heard You Looking

What'cha Gonna Do About It
You Tore Me Down

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