Monday, 19 December 2011

Future of the Left - 16 December 2011, The Corner Hotel

I only recently discovered these guys via McLusky, who I found through Japandroids (amazing) cover of To Hell with Good Intentions on their No Singles album.  Well thank you (again) Japandroids, because in addition to getting to hear your one amazing album and one very good one, I got to discover Future of the Left, and just after doing so I get to see them live.

This show was great!  The Corner was pretty packed with enthusiastic punters (which I think is the reason the recording initially sounds a bit muffled).  FOTL came on and ripped through a set covering all their albums, their recent EP, their few days old single, and a handful of McLusky classics.  Of the new songs, I particularly enjoyed Beneath the Waves an Ocean, which started off slow but has a classic finish.  The others have grown on me with a few repeated listens, but I'll wait for the album before making my mind up.

Recording wise this is pretty good.  As I mentioned it starts off slightly muffled, but that doesn't last long.  I've got to offer some praise to the sound guy, who managed to keep things sounding powerful without simply cranking the sound up.

Arming Eritrea
Chin Music
Small Bones, Small Bodies
Beneath the Waves an Ocean
Sheena is a T-Shirt Salesman
Polymers are Forever
Failed Olympic Bid
You Need Satan More Than He Needs You
New Adventures
To Hell with Good Intentions
Robocop 4: Fuck Off Robocop
Without MSG I Am Nothing
Plague of Onces
Chastity Drive
Lightsabre Cocksucking Blues
Lapsed Catholics

Link to come (before Christmas)

Update: the good folks over at Fan Made Recordings also taped this -

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